KUPU 2015 is about 'showcase'.  We were able to draw on around 250 poems and proverbs, thanks to the KUPU Penultimate initiatives, Palmerston North City Library's Proverbs Project, and Poet's Station to produce our ebook 'catch and release:  Poems from Manawatu', and to stage Receipted by Poetry, the Wisdom Lounge and Seeing through Bricks exhibitions.  We also have two new wall installations by Johanna Aitchison, and Tim Upperton in the Central Library laneway.

Although National Poetry Day has concluded for 2015 we've decided to continue accepting poetry for next year's initiatives - although we don't know what these will be yet!  Poet's Station will run for the duration of National Geographic's '50 Greatest Photographs' exhibition.  At the conclusion of the exhibition the poetry written in Poet's Station will be sent to National Geographic in Washington.

We owe a great deal of thanks to everyone who has participated in KUPU this year, and hope you have enjoyed the experience.  Feel free to continue contributing, and here's to next year!