This is the place to submit your poetry to one or more of our Showcase Ideas.  Before you do we’d like to tell you how we will acknowledge and use your poetry.  Here are a few conditions.


We need your agreement to:

1.     Use and display your work without cost to us.  

2.     Display your work for non-commercial purposes in the manner we’ve described on, or similar.

3.     (for 50 Great Photos || 50 Small Poems only) allow us to submit your work to National Geographic, for use by them.

We won’t change your poetry, and we will acknowledge you as creator. 

We reserve the right to: 

4.     choose which works will be displayed in our Showcase Ideas.  Our decision is final, and no discussion will be entered into.

5.     Choose how works will be displayed in our Showcase Ideas.  It would help us if you would indicate which Ideas you prefer.

6.     Rework the biography you provided, if necessary, to fit the tone and style of writing on

7.     Not proceed with any or all initiatives in the event that not enough poetry works are received.  Let’s hope this doesn’t happen

You may use our Showcase Ideas to promote your work without cost to you, as long as you acknowledge us as creators in the following manner: “KUPU 2015 Showcase Ideas -”.  In doing so you acknowledge you and others will not modify, rework or tweak our Showcase Ideas without our express, written, prior permission.

There are no age restrictions to participate in the Showcase Ideas. 

There are no restrictions on the number of poems you may submit to these Showcase Ideas.  Each form allows up to five entries.

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