KUPU Penultimate is our way of collecting works of poetry that you want to share.  We have been seeking submissions of poetry and proverbs in order to implement our suite of Showcase Ideas

We asked for 405 pieces of work to showcase.  Although we didn't quite get there we were able to implement all of the showcase initiatives we had in mind.  Our e-publishing effortsculminated in the launch of ‘catch and release:  Poems from Manawatῡ’ at 6pm, Thursday 27 August 2015, and poetry creating initiative 'Poets Under Pressure' in conjunction with National Geographic and Te Manawa Art GalleryWe also received enough poetry to get under way with the other initiatives: the 'Wisdom Lounge' and 'Seeing Through Bricks' exhibitions. 

We're still keen to receive poetry for next year's poetry season.   If you'd like to participate submit your work.