David Fountain

David Fountain is a fifth generation Kiwi, born in 1947 "to a father returned from the war and a mother who pined for him".  David grew up in Christchurch.  "My sisters and I felt loved and nurtured" David remembers fondly of this time.  An interest in science underpinned his education, which led on to a teaching and research life.  Family life is all important to David who's reached the place of "spiritual growth of the third age and writing for pleasure!".

David is a contributor to KUPU 2014, and KUPU 2015.  In 2014 David participated in the HOMEGROWN Poetry Competition.  David's writing efforts have seen him further establish his place in local poetry culture with his poem 'Last Period' which has been selected for ‘catch and release:  Poems from Manawatῡ’.