Waiting for Napoleon - by Kristelle Plimmer

Waiting for Napoleon

by Kristelle Plimmer


Windows painted by a brown loving Malevich

millions and millions of layers of Moscow dust and dirt flaking and peeling

Pears golden yellow as the evening

Yellow as the building across the street

Windows in Moscow are deep

deep, the original double glazing

tiny reflections glowing on the inside

staring out at the Kremlin as

Tolstoy did, looking down the street for the French

wondering if it was too late to leave before Napoleon ....


This poem was written by Kristelle as part of 'Poets under Pressure' in response to National Geographic's '50 Greatest Photographs' and the scene overlooking Moscow, with five pears adorning the window sill.  Poets were given ten minutes to create poetry about a photograph chosen from a member of the audience.