Song for Zara, aged two - by Christopher Tuffley

Song for Zara, aged two

by Christopher Tuffley

My niece Zara-baby's here
It makes me happy when she's near
I twirl her round, we ride the sky
In a laundry basket that can fly

She leads me through some foreign land
My finger clasped in her small hand
We fly home in a tiny plane
Each time we land she asks "Again?"

She lives so far away from me
That I don't often get to see
Her bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks
Her gorgeous smile that leaves me weak

"What you doing?" comes her cry
Next thing I know she'll ask me why
I smell her milk at her request
But why she asks I just can't guess

Puddle stomping's the best fun
But puddles dry up in the sun
She looks and looks but none is there
Don't worry, they'll come back my dear

And when she goes it'll be too long
Till I next hear her voice in song
Her call of Chris, her gurgling laugh
While splashing water in the bath